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2254 to Stop the Collapse

The value of the Syrian pound heavily expresses, not only the economic aspect, but also the various aspects of the disaster experienced by more than 90% of Syrians, including its humanitarian and political aspects.

Syrians' Crises are Humanitarian and Political

The long list of crises experienced by the Syrian people continues to increase both in number of its items and the depth of each of them, to the extent that it now includes all aspects of the Syrians life without exception – from bread to fuel, fires, electricity, water, education, and health crises, in addition to the catastrophic living condition that is worsening day after day in parallel with the escalating brutality of high prices and the major plunderers and their policies, and in addition to all of these there are also the sanctions and siege. The crises of refugees, and externally as well as internally displaced persons also continue to deepen, in addition to the crisis of detainees, kidnapped and missing persons – all of these crises continue without any tangible solutions.

Wildfires in Syria: What is the Accurate Number? And What is the Actual Cause?

Environment statistics are the least elaborate statistics in Syria. Despite the increase in wildfire frequency during the past decade, and the impact of global climate change on the increase of wildfires worldwide, Syrian data do not regularly monitor these fires or they do not make it available to everyone. Also, what is being published about the wildfires and the losses in woodland areas vary to a large extent between international and local estimates.

2254 and The Golan

Arab and foreign media are broadcasting news and leaks about undeclared negotiations with the Zionist entity. Regardless of whether this news is true or not, those who are leaking them mean that, according to their narrow perceptions governed by their narrow interests, to say that a specific deal is being prepared in the dark and under the table, with specific directions that neither serve the interest of the Syrian people nor the peoples of the entire region.

2254 and The Comprehensive Radical Change

The editorial of the last issue of Kassioun dealt with one of the basic aspects of the right of Syrians, and Syrians only, to self-determination for themselves and for their political future state. In particular the aspect related to the form of the state and the nature of the relationship between centralization and decentralization.


The New Syrian Constitution: Brief or Detailed… How Do We Guarantee Establishment of the Rights and Flexibility to Amend?

If the constitution is one of the main topics that come up nowadays due to the “ongoing work” of the Constitutional Committee (which is revolving in place till now), what is more important is that talking about the new constitution and paying attention to it is mainly due to it being one of the main pillars of the political process outlined in UNSCR 2254, which specifically calls for ≪drafting a new constitution≫.

Dr. Jamil to Al-Mayadeen: The Constitutional Committee Should Move to Damascus… The Syrian People’s Recognition is What We Care about

On Wednesday, 23 September 2020, Mr. Kamal Khalaf, a journalist, hosted on his program “The Game of Nations” on Al-Mayadeen Channel, the Secretary of the People’s Will Party and head of the Moscow platform, Dr. Kadri Jamil to talk about the latest developments in the political process and the situation inside Syria, as well as the details and prospects of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC).

Centralization and Decentralization – and Right to Self-determination

Nowadays, there is a high level of focus on discussions related to the form of the future Syria, including the nature of its political system, the relationship between the authorities, the mechanisms for the distribution of powers among them, and between the center and the peripheries, and other issues of a constitutional nature principally.