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Kassioun Editorial 1082: For Whom the Bells Toll?

Scholars of World War II history agree that among the most important reasons for the collapse of Nazism at the time, was its opening two major fronts together, the first in 1939 and the second in 1941.

What is the Real Goal from Biden’s Visit to Saudi Arabia? The “Arab NATO” Myth… A Smoke Bomb

After the disappearance of talk about the so-called “Arab NATO”, which came about with the “normalization” agreements signed by the UAE and Bahrain in 2020, it reemerged through two American reports. One is an interview with the Jordanian king published by CNBC last Friday, June 24, and the second published by American media outlet Wall Street Journal last Sunday, June 26. Since then, there has been a plethora of “analyses” related to the issue in various media outlets.

Don’t Leave Joe Alone with Valdimir!

Today and yesterday, two important and amusing indicators emerged with regard to the Russian-American summit that is being held today in Geneva.

The Putin-Biden Summit and the Syrian Opposition

Talk about the Putin-Biden summit, which will be held on the 16th of this month in Geneva, occupies the top place in the various current political discussions. This is not surprising, especially when it comes to hot clashing points, as is the case in Syria.

American Arrogance, between the Rhetoric and the Behavior

During the last four months, since the new administration took office, the US rhetoric has been characterized by an escalation in most major affairs in the international framework, especially those related to the conflict with Russia and China, whether through NATO or the many European files, including Ukraine and the gas pipeline dossiers, and others. This rhetoric is in essence a continuation of the US rhetoric during the Trump era, though some details might differ.

What is Expected of the Putin-Biden Summit? Generally, and in the Syrian Issue

Numerous readings and analyses have started to abundantly appear, about the Putin-Biden summit, which may be held sometime next month. The fact is that many details about this summit are still unknown, including the venue (which was said to be a third country, meaning neither in Russia nor the US), its date (next month is an approximate timeframe that has been indicated without specifying a specific day), and perhaps the most important unknown detail about this summit is whether or not it will actually happen.

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