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Don’t Leave Joe Alone with Valdimir!

Today and yesterday, two important and amusing indicators emerged with regard to the Russian-American summit that is being held today in Geneva.

«Israel» is besieged by its Economic Connections and its Military Failure

Organized international aid for the «state» of the Zionist entity has diverse dimensions and forms, and it is difficult to enumerate them all. However, the connection is deep between the continuation of high-income levels and these flows: from charitable aid to government and military aid, all the way to the last phase in which the flow of foreign investment and corporate finance have become main and important factors. The entity’s economic stability is deeply contingent to the US financial system.

American Arrogance, between the Rhetoric and the Behavior

During the last four months, since the new administration took office, the US rhetoric has been characterized by an escalation in most major affairs in the international framework, especially those related to the conflict with Russia and China, whether through NATO or the many European files, including Ukraine and the gas pipeline dossiers, and others. This rhetoric is in essence a continuation of the US rhetoric during the Trump era, though some details might differ.

ISIS “Resurgence” and US Policy in Syria

More than two years ago, the US declared the defeat of ISIS in Syria, then in October 2019 ISIS leader Baghdadi was reportedly killed during a US special operation in Idlib. Since then, every once in a while, some ISIS activity is reported in the news at a frequency sufficient to prevent ISIS from being completely forgotten and just enough to keep it “on the map”.

Washington: “I don’t Want this War to End!”

The perpetuation of the clashing means delaying declaration of the victor! This is what Washington is working on today, and we can clearly observe this behavior if we perform a panoramic mapping of its global behavior.

The Natural Popular Tendency Towards Resisting the US, and the Attempts to Exploit it!

During the last few months, US occupation in northeastern Syria has been subject to increasing pressures aiming to expel it from the country. Some of that has been through explicit calls to work against the occupation, and even more important than that what the direct actions we are seeing on the ground, albeit still limited.

The American Gasping for Chaos

The comic scene in which Washington found itself in the UN Security Council days ago, with one ally, the Dominican Republic, which is “microscopic” in size and weight, facing all other countries, represents a prototype of complete series of plays that we will witness through the coming months and years; Such is the case for historically crumbling empires, which, in their last days, turn into an ideal model of cynicism.


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