Kassioun Editorial 1142: How Would “Turning East” Be Real?

From time to time, the slogan “turning East” appears at the official and semi-official levels in Syria. Temporarily, media spotlight gets intensely shed on this slogan, through articles, analyses, media discussions, statements, etc., and then it disappears completely.

Kassioun Editorial 1141: Who is Against 2254 and Why?

Those who are against the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, which is concerned with Syrian led and Syrian owned resolution of the Syrian crisis based on Syrians’ right to self-determination on their independent unified land, are divided into two main…

Kassioun Editorial 1138: Yet it Continues!

Syria-related events and developments are moving fast inside Syria and in its surroundings, near and far. This is connected to several factors, the most important of which on the external level is the continued shift in the international balance of…

Kassioun Editorial 1135: “Drought Prayer” for War!

In recent days, an organized media-political and psychological campaign has been taking place, in which extremists in both the regime and the opposition alike are participating, as if one central button had been pushed.