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Not a Trade War

The meeting of the Big Seven; the disagreements over the final communique; followed by the US president's quick withdrawal from what was agreed upon; then the European and Canadian hints about the possibility of dispensing with USA presence in the group. All of these events made up a new occasion conforming the division of the Western world, and another proof that what is happening is not just a trade war under the title of steel and aluminum, as promoted, or just divergent views on this or that issue, as rumored! What is happening is rather an expression of a deep structural crisis in the entire Western capitalist center, which touches upon its most important economic and political components. In this context comes the behavior of the United States of America against the background of "self-distancing" from the consequences of this crisis. USA actually knows more than others the depth of the crisis, because it is the center of the crisis.

Washington Had Been Stronger!

After repeated statements by the president of the united states, about the imminent withdrawal of US forces from Syria, there were frequent talk of the arrival of Arab and European forces, as alternative to US forces stationed in the north of Syria. Moreover, media reports indicated that French troops have already arrived to some locations.

The Aggression Failed, The New International Balance Strengthened

After a week of threats and vows, and launching of inflammatory statements, the forces of the «New Tripartite Aggression» launched raids on military and civilian sites in Syria on Saturday, 14/4/2018, by the same time at which the mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) started its work in Syria.

You Will Not Pass!

Last week witnessed an unprecedented political and diplomatic mobilisation, both qualitatively and qualitatively, in the context of pushing forward the political process of solving the Syrian crisis: from the meeting of the leaders of the troika (Russia – Turkey – Iran), to the opposition meetings in Riyadh and preparations for the Syrian dialogue in Sochi, in addition to the various international and regional reactions and shuttle visits made by the international envoy. These developments taken together constitute an integrated package, confirming the beginning of a qualitative shift in the course of the Syrian situation as a whole.

Press Release about the Consultative Meeting in Riyadh

A consultative meeting between the three opposition platforms - Moscow, Riyadh and Cairo - took place on Monday (August 21st) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the invitation of the High Negotiations Committee.

The “Imperialist Spectre” of Russia ..!?

The current paper is a study by Mohannad Dlykan, a Secretary of PWP (People’s Will Party, Marxist-Leninist, Syria).
Originally written in Arabic, it was first appeared on the 12th of February 2017, on the Party’s official website
with a summary published simultaneously in Kassioun weekly newspaper (the Damascus-based mouthpiece of PWP): Kassioun paper, issue No. 789, Sun. 12/02/2017.
The full Study was translated into English, edited and designed for publication, by Kassioun’s Team. It is published here after reviewed and updated by the author.