Jamil: We haven’t received any gesture from Riyadh Group and reject Preconditions on One Opposition Delegation

 Chairman of Moscow Platform Syrian opposition delegation, Dr. Kadri Jamil refuted what has been published on receiving an invitation to a meeting with the Riyadh and Cairo groups to be held next week on the send day of Ramadan, in the Saudi capital.

As contacted via telephone, Jamil told Al-Watan Newspaper: «We haven’t received any sign up till now in relation to the possibility of holding meetings in Riyadh or elsewhere. All what is said on this is media prattle, no more.»

With regard to the so-called conditions leaked by the Riyadh group on including Moscow and Cairo platforms into a one united Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva Intra-Syrian talks, Jamil stressed: «Any preconditions are refused in advance. In case there will be any, we are more entitled to impose them. This is the right of the righteous sides, not of those politically defeated». He added: «If they actually have conditions, we have also our own, and we will impose, tit for tat. It’s them who leaked conditions we haven’t received, in the first place, rather we read about in media».

Jamil reiterated that Moscow Platform delegation was the first to call for forming one delegation for Syrian oppositions in Geneva, as early as the first round. The Riyadh group however has been reluctant to admit the existence of other opposition groups. It wanted to restrict dialogue to its delegation, before changing recently its previous positions and declaring its readiness to consult with Moscow and Cairo Platforms to form one delegation.

On the date of the next Geneva round, that the UN Special Envoy has not specified so far, Jamil told Al-Watan: «The new round would as near as the opposition forces be able to create one but not united delegation. The date would then probably not exceed the second half of June».

Source of Arabic text: Al-Watan Newspaper, June 1, 2016 

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