What does September bear for us?

What does September bear for us?

According to many indicators and facts, the situation in and around Syria involves significant developments in next September.


It is planned that the Tehran summit will be held for the presidents of the Troika of Astana, and that the process of ending the anomalous situation in Idlib will begin and seek to return it to the authority of the Syrian state, whether by military operations against Al-Nusra Front, or through truces and reconciliations with some armed groups. In addition, the Committee for Constitutional Reform, will be formed, after the difficult labor that this process has pass through.

These three events, as integrated, interdependent and synchronized events, will bring about a new qualitative leap in the Syrian reality towards the long-awaited political solution, in a continuation of these new transformations and alignments taking place internationally, as a tangible turn revealing the new international balance of forces, and exposing more and more of the US weakness.

On the other hand, the forces of war in the US administration, their followers in the regional countries, and some of the deceived ones in the opposition, are trying to block this path by resorting to proactive steps. As the media reports indicate, there are attempts to make a new "chemical" fabrication to be used as a pretext for military intervention. Fierce attempts are also going on to prevent the ongoing process of sorting of the gunmen in Idlib, to allow the flotation of Al-Nusra Front and the mixing of papers again. Despite the psychological-media war, which is shown through force, but the manifestations of the weakness of the United States and its allies, provides a refutation of all the claims that talk about a new firm policy. The American division is deepening more and more, rapidly and on a daily basis. It has reached a point of no return, according to some observers. Disjoining Washington, by its close allies has become a daily phenomenon and essential feature of America's international relations.

The game of "endure and conquer" between supporters and opponents of the political solution is almost to an end, whether through concrete facts on the Syrian ground, the continuous contraction of the range of military actions, or seeking to repatriate the Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to their areas of residence, or the diplomatic and political steps, which the Russian ally manages with wisdom, responsibility and steadfastness, and which are considered, in one way or another, as an extension of the conflict over international economic, political and military files in which Washington is suffering more hesitation and confusion. As the beginning of the process of expulsion of the dollar, as one of the most important tools of American hegemony, out of the international markets, the finding of an alternative international financial system has become a global claim. Moscow's call for contribution to solve various crises has become an international phenomenon. In other words, the forces of war and aggression, and the fascist currents, have been hit by frequent blows and are distend to retreat, which means disintegration and loss of functionality. This is a golden opportunity for the Syrians to move beyond the current situation and to move steadily towards a genuine political solution on the basis of UNSC resolution 2254, with all that it means to eradicate terrorism completely, to end the humanitarian catastrophe, and achieve the radical and comprehensive democratic national change.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 876, August 27, 2018