The Political Solution… New Momentum

The Political Solution… New Momentum

The negative atmosphere that followed the eighth round of Geneva has not lasted for more than a few days, as the Russian “dynamo” moved, and the wheel of the political process was hastened, spinning with a new acceleration. The overall political process has been mobilized, through three channels together: (Geneva – Sochi – Astana). The three meetings were scheduled to be held within the next two months, which strikes out the predictions of the “oracles” of the various kinds, who rushed to write obituary notices of Geneva and the political solution.

The synchronization of the three tracks comes to refute anew any claims of inconsistencies among them, and to refute any preferences for one track over the other, or any cancellation of one track in favor of the other. Thus, the three tracks are integrated, parallel, harmonious, and serve each other, seeking their common shared goal: the political solution based on Resolution 2254. Anything else is either a wishful dream of the imagination of those who still live in the past, representing mere delusions of the extremists from here and there, or an expression of cognitive deficiencies and political naivety that cannot rise to the level of awareness of the processes of today's world, nor to the awareness of the depth of these processes, or the new international balance, or the nature and role of the emerging international powers, or how important the resolving of the Syrian crisis is for those powers.

The general political issues, and the concrete procedural issues to be discussed during the three upcoming meetings, will prepare the climate to remove further barriers to the political process and further strengthen and accelerate the positions of the genuine forces of the political solution, and push them to advanced positions, so that they will be able to get rid of the preconditions once and for all, and conduct direct negotiations, and reshape the political map for resolving the crisis; defining the borders between, on one side, those who want the solution in word and deed, and really have the political will to carry out this major national task, and, on the other side, those who are still trying to play in the lost time in order to elude this entitlement, circumvent it, and liquidate it. It is the borderline between those who seek for the sheer formalities and seizing opportunities, and those who seek to make the most of the historic moment to save Syria and the Syrians. These three meetings will be the season of dropping pretexts, neutralizing frictions, and starting the fight of the political struggle, and resorting to the Syrian people in determining the fate of the country.

The positive atmosphere that is once again being formed toward the political solution, requires paying attention to the attempts of the forces of war and “creative chaos” to exploit the existing complexities, and the multi-coordinate conflict in and around Syria, in order to continue procrastinating and laying mines on the path of the aimed settlement, using the residues of their (new and old) forces which are being increasingly besieged and suffocated day after day.

This makes it a duty of all the real Syrian patriots everywhere to shoulder the responsibility of rising above anything that would disrupt the three tracks of the political solution. Rather, the situation requires willingness to make mutual concessions to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Syria, stop the humanitarian catastrophe, complete the battle against the terrorist forces, up to reaching the radical and comprehensive national democratic change.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 842, Dec. 23, 2017

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